Why Should You Become
a Fleet Services International Dealer?

100% Financing if You Qualify!

Would you like to have the money and working capital to own your own business without using your own money?  If you qualify you can finance all or part of your Exclusive Dealership.

You may qualify if :


  •    You have a credit score of 675 or higher.
  •    Have at least $50,000 cash available to invest without borrowing.
  •    You are a U.S. Citizen.
  •    Owe less than $14,000 to credit card companies.


“Find me a business where you can make over $200K your second year of business and still have a growing and thriving business. I just don’t know of another one.”

– J.Z., FSI Dealer

Tyler, TX

“I just got back from training and Anna and James are the best trainers I have ever encountered. They brought a ton of information to the table to help any dealer (that pays attention) get their operation started. I know my business will be very successful and as I sat at the airport on Friday I already acquired 3 fleet accounts just by simply wishing an old friend of mine – happy birthday. He himself has 2 trucks but he does a lot of business with 2 logistics companies and was very happy to set me up with them when I get up and rolling. I am super excited for the future with FSI and helping to further the positive reputation of this great organization.”

Z.A., FSI Dealer

Houston, TX

“Just wanted to drop a note to say that the trainers are always there when you need them. Anna took time out of her busy schedule to help me with some sales-related issues this week which was very much appreciated. FSI could not have a more supportive training team!”


-Steve, FSI Dealer

San Bernadino, CA

Do You Dream Of Owning Your Own Business?

Do you want to be independent and control your own destiny with Exclusive Territorial Rights and privileges?

Are you searching for an:

  • Essential Business Opportunity
  • Recession Resistant
  • Non-Retail
  • Commercial Business?


Then, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our exclusive network of successful dealers who have built a secure future their families in the recession-resistant automotive aftermarket. You supply the ambition, we’ll give you the skills and support to make your dream a reality.

Be Part of an Essential Industry

The automotive aftermarket is one of the largest growing industries today. It is an industry needed in good times and bad.  The demand for qualified professional maintenance far exceeds the supply. Recognizing this need, Fleet Services International Dealers provide a much-needed, money saving service for corporate, commercial and government vehicles.

Take advantage of our national affiliations with NAPA, Valvoline, Autozone, Mitchell1, CarQuest, FleetPride and more.

Ford | Fleet Services International
Knapheide | Fleet Services International
International Trade Council and Fleet Services International
NAPA | Fleet Services International

Our Clients

Our network of dealers service commercial, government and industrial clients across the U.S.

Fleet Services International clients


The power of the Richard Petty Brand.

No franchise fees. All profits are yours to keep.

Fleet Services International is an SBA Approved Business.

Training by successful, working FSI Dealers.

 Non-Retail.  Commercial, Business To Business Income.

Lifetime Support

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