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Women Owned Businesses Advance With Loans

Women Owned Businesses Advance With Loans

Women Owned Businesses Advance With Loans

In 2007 there were 27 million businesses in the US . According to the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) approximately 8 million of those businesses were owned by women. Their average annual revenue was over $1 million.

One sure sign that the market is more favorable for women looking to own a business is the fact that revenue for women-led businesses has now reached $1.2 trillion. While hard work, patience and perseverance play a huge part in the success of any business, some credit for this success is due to greater access to small business loans for women.

Why Should You Consider an SBA Loan?

Very few budding entrepreneurs have the finances to start a business much less make it grow.

“96 percent of businesses fail within 10 years.”–

Business owners often underestimate how much money is needed and they are forced to close before they even have had a fair chance to succeed. This is where a small business loan comes in.

A small business loan can provide enough funds to cover all costs until sales can eventually pay for these costs.

How To Apply

Check out the SBA Loan Checklist to learn the general requirements for obtaining a small business loan. You’ll need good business and/or personal credit – via either of the three main credit reporting agencies – as well as an extensive business plan. For further guidance contact the Office of Women’s Business Owners (OWBO).

Source: Fleet Services International First Financial – Nick N.

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“Change before you have to.”

-Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

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