Shop Monkey is now an official FSI Supplier.

Effective immediately, authorized Fleet Services International (FSI) dealers receive a discount on Shopmonkey software.

Shopmonkey is a cloud-based auto repair solution designed to help businesses in the automotive industry manage their processes through appointment scheduling, invoicing, messaging, reporting, and digital vehicle inspection tools.

“Along with industry giants such as NAPA Tracs and Mitchell1, we think Shop Monkey fills the gap for a new FSI dealer who is looking for an affordable mobile solution his or her technicians can access anywhere in the field.”

Shopmonkey offers a suite of solutions that address some of the challenges of managing a fleet repair dealership. The software’s digital inspection feature allows a technician in the field to share videos and photos with a client. This proof of the need for recommended services can speed inspections and build trust.

“An FSI dealer recommended Shopmonkey to us. This is one of the benefits of belonging to an exclusive network. We take recommendations from our dealers and vet them carefully to see if a service provider can benefit the entire group.”

Fleet Services International is an exclusive group of fleet repair and maintenance dealerships throughout the United States. See more FSI Suppliers.

For more information contact Fleet Services International at (404) 699-9669 or


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