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Why FSI?


Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement.

- Jacquelyn Smith

Why Choose Fleet Services International?

Fleet Services International and Petty's Garage

FSI Has The Power of The Richard Petty Brand

Richard Petty has been building hot rods ever since his childhood bicycle wouldn’t go fast enough. For more than 60 years, Richard Petty’s garages and shops have rolled out winning stock car after winning stockcar. Now Petty’s Garage has co-branded with FSI Exclusive Dealers across the USA “To Keep America Rolling”. “The King of Nascar”, Richard Petty brand is recognized by 95% of the U.S.

Your FSI Dealership is an Essential Business

Fleet maintenance and repair are recognized as essential services. Needed in good times and bad, these businesses are recognized as necessary to keeping large commercial fleets on the road. Today, the American trucking industry is traveling hundreds of miles a day, moving the emergency supplies and food that are keeping the country running.

Comprehensive Training & Lifetime Support

All of our Dealers receive hands-on operational training and expertise from one of the automotive aftermarket’s most experienced teachers.  Training takes place inside of an actual working dealership after which Dealers emerge from the program ready to step in and handle clients on the very first day.

When you have a question or a problem, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to solve it.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and ask us.  FSI saves you countless hours of frustration and enables you to bring all the best industry practices to your customers.

High Income Potential

You no longer have to wait for a promotion in order to earn the type of income you want and deserve. Many entrepreneurs are lured to franchises that claim that their franchisees can make a huge income with little effort. At FSI, we are more realistic. We provide you with a proven business plan that with diligent effort, can potentially be expected to produce a six figure income with low startup costs and quick ramp-up to profitability.

Fleet Services International uses NAPA TRACS


We are partnered with the automotive and heavy duty industry’s best fleet maintenance software providers. Our Fleet Services Dealers benefit from discounts on software to manage all aspects of running your dealership.   Learn more about how NAPA TRACS , Mitchell ProDemand and AutoVitals.

Commercial Business Revenue

All of our clients are commercial businesses or government fleets who need fleet maintenance regardless of whether the economy is good or bad. Each fleet can comprise cars, trucks and vans of all sizes. Your dealership then becomes the outsourced “fleet manager”, providing the necessary service of maintaining their fleets of vehicles in a very unique method, saving them money and increasing their efficiency of operations.

No Fees or Royalties Ever!

Best of all, your profits are yours to keep! FSI Dealers are not required to pay franchise fees or royalties because we are NOT a franchise.  Your territory investment can yield a lifetime of secure and steady income. You never have to worry about increases in fees because there are none.

Why FSI? September 8, 2016

About Us

Fleet Services International, Ltd is a national network of On-Site Fleet Maintenance Dealerships. We've been establishing fleet services dealerships across the USA since 2001. We are SBA Approved. Ask about our 100% financing plan for those who qualify.*

Powerful Business Quotes for Startups and Entrepreneurs

“Change before you have to.”

-Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

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