Fleet Services International has partnered with JOBehaviors.com to help FSI Dealers recruit top talent in the auto repair industry. JOBehaviors is providing FSI Dealers with the online assessment tools to predictively identify employees who possess the skills and professionalism to work with commercial and corporate clients . FSI locations nationwide are already benefiting from higher retention, and significant increases in performance, and safety.

The typical method of hiring is the time-consuming application plus resume review process. The JOBehaviors online assessment tool replaces that process with an automated set of key questions designed to identify the behaviors and skillset of high performance employees. FSI Dealers get instant recommendations that isolate the top performers in the market who share the behavioral profile of the most decorated veterans in the industry.

Skills make up only 20-30% of a good mechanic’s performance.

“Applicants who look good on paper or in an interview may not always turn out to be the most reliable or trainable employees. You may have hired the most skilled and experienced technician but if he’s in the habit of ignoring safety rules, now he’s a liability. “ Says Karla Startup, Marketing Director for FSI. “Pre-hire assessments like these allow our dealers to retain top performers and become an employer of choice in their locale.”

To learn more about the resources and tools available to authorized FSI Dealers check out our National Affiliations or call us at +1 404-699-9669.

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