Womens Giant Bikes

Womens Giant BikesCycling provides an excellent cardio workout for both serious cyclists and recreational bikers. When it comes to choosing a bike however, women face a number of special challenges compared to men. With most bikes built to fit a man's body, women may have trouble finding a comfortable bike due to their longer torsos, shorter arms and legs, or smaller size and weight.

For nearly four decades, Giant has been devoted to bikes and cycling. Giant combine passion with ultra-advanced manufacturing and design and the result is some of the world's finest bicycles.
Take their carbon technology for example. Giant offers 3 levels of composite frame technologies: Advanced SL Grade, Advanced Composite Grade, and Composite Grade. Each is carefully designed to offer maximum performance, whether it's on an entry-level road bike or a full-on race bike. This light frame proves an advantage for womens bikes.

Most sporting shops offer a small selection or road bikes, better stores will usually offer a few womens road bikes (WSD), but for the best selection, shop at ASCycles dedicated bicycle store. Ascycles carries a wider selection or womens road bikes, including Giant, and if we don't have it in - we can still order it in for you. Always test drive a bike, even if only in the car park, because not all womens road bike (WSD) frames are created equal. Some manufacturers change the frame; others just add shorter stems and smaller cranks. Taking a test ride will tell you if the bike is comfortable or not.

Also, there is the cost to consider. Womens road bikes come in a wide range of prices, depending on the frame. Steel- or aluminum-framed models tend to be cheaper than the better alloys and low-end carbon frames. Check the width of the handel bars - look for handlebars measuring 36 centimeters to 38 centimeters to enjoy improved stability and comfort. The smaller your shoulders and frame, the narrower your handlebars should be.

Choose a bike that fits well and then do minor tweaks, such as shortening the stem, to create a perfect fit. Aim to purchase the best frame you can, and upgrade components and wheels as they wear. For women over 5'4", check out the standard bikes, as well. Before the WSD craze kicked in, women rode men's bikes! Womens Giant Bikes

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