Rfid Inventory System Cost

Rfid Inventory System Cost

The field of Inventory management is a constantly changing one in which different companies regardless of size employ various means to discover new and innovative means to increase efficiency through technological means to maximize profits.

One blossoming technology that has widely received enough validation with the capability of causing a revolution in inventory management is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

What are RFID Tags?

These devices use electromagnetic forces to track and access real-time locations of tags attached to several objects like vehicles, warehouse equipment, and products.

The tag itself houses the chip that allows the RFID reader to read data and access real-time location, these tags are enclosed in materials like papers and plastic to ensure their protection before they are attached to objects.

Benefits of RFID Tags

The use of RFID tags for inventory management and asset tracking help in a diversity of ways. They include:

  1. Fast Scanning Process:

The ability to scan and record data from a distance makes it advantageous for an efficient and on-time process for inventory management 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness:

There is no major need in employing lots of labour to handle various tasks like inventory check-in, shipment verification and counting as they can be done automatically, in a fast and efficient way with just the use of the RFID scanner.

  1. Assets security

Every equipment is accounted for, there would be no mix-ups as every equipment or product has its unique ID, which can be used to access their placement and location.

Enasys and Your Assets Tracking Needs

Enasys, based in Broomfield, Is a tech-based company, with years of experience in technological innovations, and with experts handling the affairs, is one of the leading companies that build RFID asset tracking software to help cater for the need for businesses to track their equipment and products from the production to the supply stage.

What We Do

We recognize the diversification of the various needs of business owners and in this light, we build customized RFID software and hardware that is relevant to the specific needs of businesses.

We offer various asset tracking options and they include:

  1. Automated Asset Tracking

This is the real-time location system that automatically tracks the placements and location of assets through the built-in  RFID antennas, tags and Enasys software.

  1. Manual Asset Tracking

This is a more physical approach where assets are manually tracked with hand scanners, barcodes and Enasys software.

Our RFID Trackers 

We have diverse RFID trackers readily available, they include: 

  1. Mount on Metal RFID labels

 These are built to be suitable for curved surfaces and are resistant to harsh conditions like heat

  1. Near Field Communications Label and Tags

These are necessary at places where close contacts of tags are possible.

  1. Retail RFID Tags

These are perfectly suited to be attached to diverse products and materials including jewellery and cosmetics

  1. Automobile Tags

These are attached to the windshields, license plates and headlights of cars.

RFID asset tracking is the way forward towards technological advancement even as its potential is yet to be fully harnessed.

Enasys is bringing sophistication to the doorsteps of customers to ensure they do not run at a loss. Get started here and make the best choice for your brands.

Rfid Inventory System Cost
Rfid Inventory System Cost
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