printer leasing companies Newark

printer leasing companies Newark

When looking for printer leasing companies in Newark, it is essential to choose one that meets the needs and requirements of your business. Legend Business Group specializes in providing quality printer lease services to individuals and businesses in Newark and surrounding counties. We understand our clients' needs and requirements.

How does my business benefit from printer leasing services?

Leasing a printer comes with a whole host of benefits. Many small businesses do not want to go through the hassle of buying a printer for a job that may only last a few days or months. Therefore, leasing a printer is a sounder financial decision when you need the equipment for short-term use.

Like other technological equipment, printers can quickly become obsolete. New printers are coming into the market with better or advanced features than their predecessors. You may buy the latest printer model today only for it to be obsolete in the next few months. At Legend Business Group, we will provide you with the newest printer models on the market at a much cheaper rate than buying one.


Many companies earn their revenue with time. Therefore, leasing a printer makes more sense than buying because it allows businesses to make small, manageable payments with time rather than one significant lump sum.

A considerable advantage of lease payments is they are not affected by interest rates, which allows you to plan for payments in advance. In addition, leasing a printer will enable you to compare the use of the printer with projected revenue and profits.

Is leasing a printer tax efficient?

Leasing a printer has a positive effect on your overall tax bill because the cost of the lease is tax-deductible. The fact that printer-leasing expenses are tax-deductible is a significant advantage, especially for those who are still undecided about whether to buy or lease.

Many businesses are cash-limited and have to use their resources sparingly. Leasing allows companies to preserve their resources and use them on profitable business opportunities. In addition, Legend Business Group allows you to make flexible payments that accommodate your needs.

Leasing tips

When deciding between multiple printer models to lease, Legend Business Group will answer all your questions and allow you to “test-drive” each model to get a better idea of how they work. We will even print out a few copies so you can see the color quality of our printers.

Another advantage of our printer leasing services is we allow you to upgrade before the expiry of your current lease agreement. You have the option of upgrading anytime you want; during or at the end of your lease agreement. We understand that your business needs today may vary tomorrow. In addition, your business may expand and require a different printer model that can accommodate its current needs.

A business may find buying a new printer machine burdening financially. Coming up with the initial amount for the purchase of a new printer can stretch a company budget. With Legend Business Group, you can choose an affordable printer lease plan for your business. Call us now for a free quote.


printer leasing companies Newark
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printer leasing companies Newark
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