E-waste San Jose

Why Call Excess Logic to Dispose of Your E-Waste in San Jose:

Do you manage a business in or around the Fremont area? If so, like most other businesses in your industry, you most likely store your outdated or unwanted electronics or e-waste in a designated location in your facility. Maybe you've been placed accountable for guaranteeing that it's discarded capably and affordably. When you call Excess Logic, we can help you take care of the problem once and for all. We’ll pick-up your electronics and other e-waste in San Jose at no cost to your company- it's 100% free when you call us at 650-307-7553.

Statistics show that only 13% of e-waste in Fremont is discarded properly, and that is unfortunately about the average for the nation. You can do the right thing for the environment without costing your business a solitary penny by calling our team and planning a free pickup of your electronics. We’ll be happy to manage a free pick-up of tablets, PCs, hardware, e-squander, lab gear, biotech gear, semiconductor hardware, test apparatus and significantly more; all it takes is a call and we’ll schedule you for an upcoming visit.

If your facility is located in the Fremont, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View or any encompassing area, we can provide this free support for your organization. On inspection, we may even find that some or all of your unwanted equipment still holds part of its value. In this case, we can remarket the items and store them for you while we make arrangements. We often work as brokers for various organizations in the Fremont territory, sharing benefits and transforming e-waste into a win-win circumstance for our mutual partnership.

You can trust us for cutting-edge data destruction and sanitation as our specialists know you're worried about the security of your organization's data. That’s why we offer ensured protected and secured transfer of your delicate datum, sticking to the strictest consistence with the DOD benchmarks. As an organization that is committed to giving reasonable solutions for nearby organizations, we ensure our experts are authorized and in full consistence with all Federal and State PC and e-waste instructions.

We are committed to being your first contact for reliable disposal and remarketing of e-waste in San Jose and its surrounds. Check out our website at ExcessLogic.com to see a full list of our services, including Surplus Equipment Management, Equipment Remarketing, and Disposal of E-Waste in Fremont and more. We have a new look online and a new name, as we formerly conducted business under CleanBayArea- but we offer the same, convenient and reliable services we are known for in the region. Call us at 650-307-7553 to do your part in keeping e-waste out of the local landfill and we’ll do our part as well. We’ll make certain your unwanted, out-dated or unusable electronics are disposed of, destroyed, or remarketed in the most responsible way.


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E-waste San Jose

Dealing with E-waste in San Jose

e-waste san joseE-waste is an abbreviation for electronic waste, which is discarded electronic equipment that is destined to be recycled, reused, or refurbished. This type of waste can sometimes end up in water sources of developing countries and cause serious pollution. Over one and a half million kids around the world die each year due to polluted water sources. The importance of responsibly disposing of e-waste cannot be stressed enough, which ...

Certified California E-Waste Disposal in San Jose

E-waste in San Jose e wate piledoes not need to burden your company. California allows local governments to authorize approved collectors to conduct electronic disposal and recovery activities. Through emergency regulations and the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, the state implements a strict approval process. ExcessLogic meets all requirement and stands ready to help recover much of the cost of dealing with obsolete electronics.Does California regulate ...

100% Pick-up For E-Waste in San Jose

e-waste san jose       Are you still paying for someone to haul off your e-waste in San Jose? Excess Logic will do it for free. Just give us a call to schedule pick-up, and we’ll take care of all of your company’s unwanted assets and e-waste; if your equipment can be resold, we’ll pick it up, store it, advertise it, and share the profits from the sale once they’re sold.Free Pick-up of E-Waste ...

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