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Why Join Fleet Services International?

Introduction to Owning an Automotive Dealership

At Fleet Services International (FSI), we've seen over 200 entrepreneurs transform their dreams into vibrant realities by stepping into the realm of automotive dealership ownership, specifically within the fleet maintenance and repair industry. The journey to own an automotive dealership can be both exhilarating and daunting. It requires a blend of industry knowledge, operational excellence, and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Why Join Fleet Services International?

Joining FSI to own an automotive dealership means stepping into a role backed by NASCAR legend Richard Petty's endorsement. This association alone provides a hefty boost in brand recognition and trust, crucial factors for success in any entrepreneurial endeavor. Additionally, the lack of franchise fees with FSI ensures that dealership owners enjoy the fruits of their labor directly, a unique advantage in the competitive automotive industry.

No Franchise Fees

Unlike traditional automotive franchises, FSI empowers entrepreneurs by eliminating franchise fees. This means a smoother financial start and more room for growth and investment in your dealership's success. The ability to retain all profits is an attractive aspect for any business owner looking to own an automotive dealership.

Exclusive Territory and Financing Options

FSI offers an exclusive territory for each dealership, minimizing direct competition and enhancing market penetration. Paired with SBA-approved financing options, entrepreneurs find it significantly easier to jumpstart their dealership operations.

Benefits of FSI Membership

Joining the FSI network as a dealership owner unfolds a plethora of benefits. From industry-leading software solutions to ongoing training and lifetime support, FSI ensures your dealership is equipped for success. These resources are vital for navigating the initial stages of business development and scaling operations efficiently.

  • Access to national purchasing networks for optimized operational efficiency
  • Ongoing training and support from industry experts
  • Recession-resistant business model focusing on essential services

Reflecting on Success Stories

Jeff from Tyler, TX, and Steve from San Bernardino, CA, exemplify the potential for success within the FSI network. Their testimonials highlight not only the financial growth but also the unwavering support and guidance provided by FSI, pivotal in steering their businesses toward success.

Your Path to Dealership Ownership

The dream to own an automotive dealership is within reach. With FSI, embarking on this journey is facilitated by a proven business model, celebrity endorsements, and a supportive network aimed at driving success.

Understanding Your Market

Before you take the leap, a comprehensive evaluation of the automotive market is crucial. This involves analyzing current trends, customer needs, and potential competition. Insights gained from this evaluation will shape your dealership's strategic direction, ensuring alignment with market demands and opportunities for growth.

Securing Financing

Financing your dealership is a critical step in the ownership process. With FSI, the path to securing financing is streamlined through partnerships with SBA-approved lenders, offering a variety of options to meet your specific needs.

Leveraging Industry Insights

Staying abreast of industry trends and leveraging insights from partners like Autozone, NAPA, and Advanced Auto enhance operational efficiency and market relevance. These partnerships not only maximize buying power but also ensure your dealership remains competitive and on the forefront of industry developments.

Embarking on Your Dealership Journey

As you consider the journey to own an automotive dealership, remember that success stems from a blend of strategic planning, robust support, and an unwavering dedication to meeting customer needs. Fleet Services International stands ready to support your ambitions to own a profitable and sustainable automotive dealership.

With the support network, brand affiliations, and business model of FSI, your dealership will not just survive; it will thrive. As you embark on this exciting journey, let the lessons from successful dealers and the comprehensive support from FSI guide your path to success in the automotive dealership industry. Own an automotive dealership with confidence, knowing you have a strong foundation and an unwavering support system with Fleet Services International.

Your Path to Dealership Ownership

Is owning a dealership profitable?

Owning an automotive dealership, especially within a network like Fleet Services International (FSI), can be significantly profitable. The key lies in the unique business model we offer, which focuses on providing essential fleet maintenance services. Without the burden of franchise fees, our dealers enjoy the full fruits of their labor. Profits, however, are not just about eliminating fees; they stem from leveraging our national brand affiliations and purchasing networks which drastically reduce operational costs while maximizing service offerings. The profitability of an automotive dealership under FSI is augmented by our recession-resistant model, catering to essential services that ensure steady demand regardless of economic fluctuations.

How do car dealership owners make so much money?

The not-so-secret sauce to a dealership's financial success lies in diversification and excellent customer service. Dealership owners, particularly those in the FSI network, have a broad spectrum of revenue streams apart from selling vehicles - these include maintenance services, parts sales, and even financing options for customers. Additionally, the relationships we build with industry giants like Autozone, NAPA, and Advanced Auto, afford us significant discounts that improve profit margins on parts and services. But let's not overlook the importance of customer service. By ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction, we see repeat business and referrals which are invaluable to our bottom line.

How much does it cost to start a car company?

Starting a car company, or more specifically an automotive dealership, involves various initial costs. The range can be wide due to factors like location, size, and whether you are starting from scratch or buying into an established brand. However, with FSI, we streamline this process with options like 100% financing for qualified individuals and no franchise fees. While exact figures can vary significantly, initial investment would cover inventory, facility, equipment, and startup marketing. By partnering with FSI, many of these costs are mitigated through strategic supplier relationships and financing options, making it a more accessible endeavor than many realize.

What is the difference between a car dealership and a franchise?

A car dealership operates under the umbrella of a specific automotive brand, selling new and used cars of that brand, and offering services and parts. A franchise, on the other hand, is a broader term that can apply to any business model where the franchisee (the owner) pays fees to a franchisor to use the brand, business model, and support systems. The main difference in our context is the absence of franchise fees with FSI, allowing dealers to retain more profit and operate more independently while still benefiting from brand affiliation, support, and an established business model. This unique approach offers a blend of dealership benefits without the typical constraints and costs associated with a franchise model.

What are the benefits of FSI membership?

Joining the FSI network offers manifold benefits, chief among them being access to a proven, recession-resistant business model focused on essential services. Our dealers enjoy exclusive territory rights, minimizing direct competition and maximizing market presence. The lack of franchise fees and availability of SBA-approved financing options further ease the financial burden of startup and expansion. Moreover, our ongoing training, support from industry experts, and access to national purchasing networks provide operational efficiencies that standalone businesses rarely achieve. It's more than just a membership; it's a partnership aimed at mutual success in the fleet maintenance and repair industry.

Understanding Your Market

Before diving into dealership ownership, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of the automotive market. This involves analyzing current trends, understanding customer needs, and identifying potential areas of competition. In doing so, you can shape your dealership's offerings to meet market demands effectively. For example, as we've seen at FSI, there's a growing demand for fleet maintenance services - a niche that many traditional dealerships overlook. By focusing on this essential service, FSI dealers position themselves in a sector with less competition and high demand, allowing for greater market penetration and profitability.

Securing Financing

Financing is a crucial step towards dealership ownership. At FSI, we understand this and have partnerships with SBA-approved lenders to provide a variety of financing options tailored to our dealers' needs. This streamlined process helps aspiring entrepreneurs overcome one of the biggest hurdles to business ownership. Furthermore, our 100% financing option for those who qualify is designed to make the dream of business ownership a reality without the daunting upfront costs. It's about making strategic financial decisions that align with your long-term business goals, and at FSI, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


  • Small Business Administration (SBA) - The SBA offers financing options and resources for small businesses, including dealership ownership.
  • Autozone - Partnering with Autozone can provide valuable industry insights and buying power for your dealership.
  • NAPA - NAPA is a reliable partner that can help enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness in the automotive industry.
  • Advance Auto Parts - Leveraging a partnership with Advance Auto Parts can keep your dealership at the forefront of industry developments.
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